Dried Shrimp

Dried Shrimp

Fried Dried Shrimp

Original Dried Shrimp

Original Floss Dried Shrimp

Spicy Dried Shrimp

Spicy Floss Dried Shrimp

What Are Dry Shrimps?

Shrimps are crustacaen that live on the seafloor, they can be found in plentful numbers, most ofthen in shallow waters of the tropocal region. Generally harvested on a seasonal basis, drying has been proven to be effective of perserving for later consumption. Sun Dried Shrimps is the most common variety of these perserved food .

Dried Shrimps Manufacturing Process

Manufacturer dried shrimp are dried shrimp products and cooked in the sea and dried will be brought down to the factory for the grilling process, and produce various kinds of products such as orginal dried shrimp, fried dried shrimp, spicy dried shrimp, floss dried shrimp, and spicy floss dried shrimp. The demand for dried shrimp is huge in bahrin market, south america and others. Due to high demand of dried shrimp we are unable to cope with the market demand due to the lack of number of ships, we need to fulfill the demand of market and supply,needs to purchase more ships for more production and the products that we can produce very high quality dried shrimps products and not as the same as the dried prawns in the market. Many of the benefits of dry prawns are in the form of no preservatives no colorless flavors and other. we need to improve the condition of the plant in order to improve the yield And production to meet the demand of market.

Distintive Attributes Of Our Shrimps
– Healthy food
– No artificial flavoring
– No dyes preservatives
– Quality approved
– International meals
– Can eat directly
– Kosher & clean